Old School & New School

How do students plan? Some on paper and some digital, so I designed a custom planner and a mobile app. The planners are designed to keep track of due dates, deadlines, extra curricular activities, and more.

Kicking of the design process

The client wanted to include every degree program offered at Kapi‘olani Community College (there are over forty). So I started the design process by gathering representative imagery from each discipline and combined them into an eclectic yet cohesive cover.

    Hawaiian Values
    Communicating Culture

    In addition to the degree programs, the client wanted to highlight the campus’s emphasis on Hawaiian culture and values, so on the back cover I included a canoe with the words “Kahikoluamea” across it along the Oli Holo, our campus chant.

Content structure & Layout

One of the challenges was designing a layout that provided enough room for students to record their notes, due dates, and deadlines along with client mandated content such as the student conduct code. These are some of the inserts templates that were used in planning the page specific layouts.

The Specs:

5-1/2" x 8-1/2" with 96 pages

front/back - 4 color process (cmyk)

insert pages - 1 color pantone solid coated reflex blue c, spiral binding (blue)

Final Product

Student Project


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