Crafty Penguins

How do you get kids excited about visiting the penguin exhibit at Sea Life Park? Arts & crafts. As part of a promotional event, I designed an informative brochure along with a custom penguin key chain that kids can take home with them. I also created an online video for kids to watch and learn make their own penguins at home.

Starting with Sketches

Without any existing flyers, photography, or content, I quickly sketched a series of potential ideas and solutions for the client. The client liked the idea of a tri-fold brochure with large photography and less content, to appeal more to their target audience: kids.

    Content Structure and Layout

    Prior to incorporating any photography, I used wireframes as a tool to establish a content heirarchy and to demonstrate to the client how a minimalist cover with strong typography could compositionally balance the more informative inside pages.

Content with style

Once the content heirarchy was established, I used the wireframes as a means of testing various typefaces todetermine what type treatment worked best for the content and to help learn more about the client's preference for typographic styles.

Content with imagery

One of the benefits of being a designer and a photographer is having the ability to take the photos that will best bring my designs and visions to life. When I visited Sea Life Park, I framed the composition of specific shots that I knew would best fit the wireframes that I had already planned in advance.

Video on how to create penguin

In addition to desigining and creating the take-home penguin keychains for the promotional event, I created a simple demonstration video for kids to learn how to create their own penguins at home.

Final Product

Brochure in print and a take a home penguin keychain.


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